Brand Analysis
  • Excellent safety kit
  • Interior, paint quality
  • Timeless, clean designs
  • Spares and service costs
  • Inconsistent dealer experience
  • Frequent facelifts
Wrap Up

Known for its well built products, VW offers multiple engine & Transmission options. The driveability and overall quality lead to a premium owernship experience only to be bogged down by sub par after sales service.


Base Price:
₹ 5,24,300
Rating 7.0/10
Ameo keeps Polo’s solid build, excellent ride and sharp handling intact while adding more space at the rear and boot. Quite feature laden, it sets out with smart pricing making it solid, value for money compact sedan with VW badge. The boot might not look well integrated though.

Base Price:
₹ 30,31,430
Rating 7.1/10
Making its presence feel over last 6 decades now! Classic yet ever ageing design with beautiful curve lines. Insanely pricey in India for its 1.4 liter motor which can be matched by even cars with half the price. But ride experience and dynamics cannot be matched let apart its untouchable snob value. Company claims this buggy car can not be rolled over!

Base Price:
₹ 26,09,000
Rating /10

Base Price:
₹ 5,33,400
Rating 7.1/10
Polo has great ride, handling and is built well too. Except the 3 cylinder petrol engine, every other engine is note worthy. The transmissions are also driver's delight. Interiors are classic and gives premium feel. However, the rear seat feels cramped. Plus, it lacks few creature comfort features.

Base Price:
₹ 7,95,000
Rating 7.2/10
Vento has a nice, clean design that ages gradually. The cabin is spacious with comfort to match. Also available in Turbocharged petrol with a quick dual clutch gearbox, it can be a fun to drive car too. Robust built, good ride, stable handling help Vento maintain its presence in a competitive segment.