Brand Analysis
  • Top notch build, paint quality
  • Snob Value
  • Ride and Handling, well engineered cars.
  • Slightly overpriced products
  • After sales and service not the best
  • Yet to crack small car & SUV segment
Wrap Up

Skoda entered India as a luxury brand and established itself. Very good built with reasonable price tag means value propostition is good. The dealer channel improvements are needed.


Base Price:
₹ 16,07,192
Rating 7.5/10
Octavia has an elegant design which is likely to age gracefully with time. Engine lineup is powerful with both petrol and diesel coming with manual as well as automatic option. Feature loaded and lot more safety provided than its earlier version. This one has potential to shake up the segment.

Base Price:
₹ 7,70,935
Rating 6.9/10
Spacious midsize sedan with strong engines and mature dynamics. The top variants are pricey and few gizmos might be missed. After Sales and Service network is undergoing a positive change, and the car's build is reassuring. Current finance schemes make it a very attractive deal.

Base Price:
₹ 25,13,019
Rating 7.7/10
Superb's new generation launched recently takes the game further in its segment. Nice design coupled with solid build, backed by strong petrol and diesel options, it offers space that rivals cars one or two segments above. Even with pricier top end variants, Superb delivers high on value. Inconsistent dealer experience could do with improvement.

Base Price:
₹ 20,68,584
Rating 6.5/10
Under the skin is a stiff chassis and is powered by a strong, efficient diesel. The higher price means that Yeti is a slow selling model for Skoda. Looks a bit quirky; cheaper spares plus better after sales and service experience can help elevate the sales numbers.