Brand Analysis
  • Retro Looks
  • Performance
  • Interior design and its quality
  • Stiff ride
  • Entire line-up is over-priced
  • Not so powerful diesel engine
Wrap Up

Not so practical, but is Fun to Drive. Retro looks add to its appeal and quality is great so is the build.

3 Door

Base Price:
₹ 28,50,000
Rating 6.6/10
Its niche fun to drive compact hatch, with recent updates with longer wheel base it has improved its utlity. Its both diesel and petrol engine are not very powerful but are well tunned and efficient. Its iconic design and british built surely stands out among the crowd. The price can be revisited by BMW to offer more value and increase the sales numbers
5 Door

Base Price:
₹ 31,90,000
Rating 6.4/10
5 Door mini is lot more pratical due to its longer wheel base which provides more room for rear row and boot space. Comes with same engine of 1.5 diesel and equipments that of 3 door Mini.

Base Price:
Rating 5.8/10
Its soft top made up of leather material, just makes it more fun but in India convertibles are not so practical. It has better engine producing 120 bhp from its 1.6L petrol. Ride and handling is same as of the model its based on but has additonal maintance to be taken care of with roof down from Indian dusty and moist air.

Base Price:
₹ 36,50,000
Rating 6.1/10
It is no ordinary MINI, 4 door car has actually usable boot space and rear row. Rear row can be slid back and forth to increase legroom or boot capacity as required. The all new chasis design provides solid drive but engine options are rather limited and price tag on a heftier side. Good as a niche drive though