Brand Analysis
  • Scintilating performance
  • Smashing looks
  • Engine note
  • Not the best handlers
  • Difficult to find premium fuel it needs
  • Impractical convertible
Wrap Up

A unique experience, terrifying performance and amazing design. The Raging Bull ensures that each ride is a story in itself.


Base Price:
₹ 5,05,49,880
Rating 7/10
Aventador is the eldest child of Lamborghini and is powered by a 6.5-litre V12, which produces a staggering 690bhp and killer design to go with it. It can go from 0-100 kmph under 3 seconds and top speed is been electronically limited. Body and chassis are super light and its fun to drive around.

Base Price:
₹ 2,99,00,000
Rating 7.1/10
Successor to the legendary Gallardo, Huracan is surprisingly usable despite being an out and out super car. While offering monumental performance, Huracan's increased ease of use makes it feel having a bit less edgy character of past Lamborghinis. Enthusiasts feel that handling could have been a bit better, but the overall package simply more than makes up for it. V10 powered Huracan also sound fantastic.