Brand Analysis
  • Reputed in diesel engine technology
  • Good global presence and products
  • Robustness
  • Thin dealer network
  • Resale value
  • Focus is more in the commercial segment
Wrap Up

Isuzu offers decent but dependable and robust products. The feature list could improve. Internationally Isuzu is reputed for long term reliabitliy and lower maintenance.

D-Max V-Cross

Base Price:
₹ 12,30,671
Rating /10
MU 7

Base Price:
₹ 21,40,000
Rating 5.9/10
Insanely long SUV with strong diesel engine. Built is very sturdy and ride is good but handling is in patches all over. Its small dealer group and pricey tag makes it difficult to get customers but its no non sense SUV with praticality but lacks many features and AWD.