Brand Analysis
  • Tough, utilitarian models
  • Has access to Mercedes Oil Burners
  • Good Off Roaders
  • Future direction clarity can help
  • Agening products
  • Fit & Finish, features
Wrap Up

A Rural people mover, makes tough vehicles but not modern enough for urban dwellers.


Base Price:
₹ 6,92,767
Rating 4.3/10
The SUV has 2.6 litre Mercedes turbo charged intercooled engine which develops a power of 81bhp and peak torque of 230 Nm, coupled to a 5 speed synchromesh transmission. The SUV features some unique features such as differential locks on both front and rear axles, distinctive air intake “Snorkel” but its exterior designing and pricing are its down side. Additionally lacks comfort and outdated too.

Base Price:
₹ 9,59,272
Rating 5.8/10
Its a strong built long SUV with ample of cabin space along with decent engine. Looks are ugly, its interior is not to its rivals standards. Lacks features and fit-finish in the product.