Brand Analysis
  • Affordable models
  • Models have mature ride and handling
  • Neutral Looks
  • Flimsly build
  • Wafer thin service network
  • Resale value
Wrap Up

An effort by Nissan to bring back a revered brand, but build quality needs improvement, safety is suspect and service network is yet to be proved.


Base Price:
₹ 3,23,000
Rating 5.9/10
The first model by the company in India and it's an economical hatch with loads of space at offer. It's practical and easy to drive around; maintenance is also low along with fuel efficient engine. Lacks quality built and features.
Go Plus

Base Price:
₹ 3,79,000
Rating 5.9/10
Very affordable MUV with lots of space though 3rd row is not for adults. Engine, ride and handling are really notable and is simple keeping maintenance low. Interiors give a bit cheap feel but buy if space is your need.
Redi Go

Base Price:
₹ 3,34,000
Rating 6.9/10
Based on Kwid's platform, Redi Go with its very aggressive pricing has surprised many. Set high above the ground than its immediate competition, it boasts of a spacious and an airy cabin. Looks awkward from the rear, and exposed metal in interiors let it down, but value it offers for each penny spent makes it a strong product in the entry level segment.