Brand Analysis
  • Striking, unique design
  • Fun to drive by Sports Car standards
  • 1st Indian Sports car
  • Very limited support
  • Spares, engine are imported
  • Needs more features
Wrap Up

The first Indian Sports cars Looks very impressive and is nice effort by DC. Needs more features for price range it belongs to. Expansion of Service Support a must for future sustainabiltiy.


Base Price:
₹ 36,80,000
Rating 5.9/10
India's own sports car, very stylishly designed that is certainly a head turner. Under the hood it has 310bhp powered 2000cc petrol engine. For the designers they had only 2 seats to design and a tiny cabin to which they have failed. Ride and handling is good but misses out on basic gizmos and safety kit. Though it looks stunning, it's wee bit overpriced.