Brand Analysis
  • Classic looks
  • Exclusivity
  • Sporty Engine line up
  • Needs contemporary line up
  • Slim dealer network
  • Can do with more pampering features
Wrap Up

Stupendous luxury coupled with strong motors. Exclusivity and presence are guaranted. Amazing combination of classic elegant looks along with performace to match.Considering the asking price, the passengers do expect more cocconing features.


Base Price:
₹ 3,85,00,000
Rating 7.2/10
Ultra luxurious SUV, Bentayga also happens to be the world's fastest SUV straight out of factory. Bentley has received record bookings from India, which also would result into longer waiting period. It's extremely accomplished with performance that can stand head's up with sports cars. One of the finest SUV's money can buy.
Continental Flying Spur

Base Price:
₹ 3,20,57,705
Rating 7.3/10
Its a saloon with mighty W12 engine that can power the large car to serious speeds at the blink of an eye. Its cabin is uses some of the best tirm materials providing ultra luxurious feel and comfort. It drives well too like a supercar while cucooning and pampering passengers at the same time
Continental GT

Base Price:
₹ 3,28,47,201
Rating 7.4/10
This machine is the result of powerful engine coupled with modernised four wheel drive and one of the best interior our there in the market. You get plenty of options for personalisation to your tastes. The engine is very refined and quiet even when pushed to limits which accentuates large luxury car feel.
Continental GT Convertible

Base Price:
₹ 3,63,21,029
Rating 7.3/10
Has a charm and exclusivity that is perhaps matched by only a few, Continental GT Convertible has all attributes of Contential GT and more opluence. One of the best combinations of sports car and ultra luxury

Base Price:
₹ 5,54,86,611
Rating 7/10
Mulsanne is the flagship model for Bentley. This streched vehcile comes with ultra luxury, excellent comfort. Loaded with best modern equipments and technologies for its ultra premium owners. Exterior designing relates it to a charm of luxury, while a lot of customization options are available on order