Brand Analysis
  • Exclusivity
  • Stunning Appearance
  • Manuals still available
  • Limited Engine options
  • Can do with more features
  • CBU pricing
Wrap Up

One of the few supercar manufacturers to offer Manual Transmission with breathtaking beauty and agile handling. Pricing takes away competitive advantage.


Base Price:
₹ 2,90,00,000
Rating 6.8/10
Also a Bond Car, DB9 is one of the best designs of its time.A fabulous 6.0-litre V12 engine produces nice sound. Its steering is typically Aston Martin that gets better as speedo climbs and the car shines through. Rear seats aren't too practical, but pampers with overall luxury
Rapide S

Base Price:
₹ 3,50,00,000
Rating 6.6/10
Its a British built luxurious 4 door sedan with sporting dynamics. Longer wheel base makes sure there is space for rear occupants. Rapide S has the same 6L V12 engine tuned to suit the sports sedan. Interior has wide customisation options. Expensive but has Aston Martin exclusivity on its side.

Base Price:
₹ 3,80,00,000
Rating 6.9/10
The Aston Martin Vanquish is an all new replacement for the Aston Martin DBS. The V12 does justice to Vanquish, and the interiors are mix of luxurious charm with moden technology. There is more space for both luggage and passengers.

Base Price:
₹ 1,86,22,500
Rating 6.7/10
Vantage is very stylish two seater rival for Porsche 911. The 4.7-litre V8, which sounds fantastic, it rides really well and has dynamics to match. Vantage's price tag is a tad higher than immediate competition, but then has an exclusivity coupled with a British-built charm acclaiming its own appeal